3D Secure


Three Domain Secure, or 3D Secure, is global industry Internet authentication standard, which provides an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. Network offers a 3D secure service that provides banks and merchants with a plug-and-play online authentication service that ties the financial authorization process to an additional online authentication at the time of the transaction for registered users via a password.

We have the expertise to embed the 3D secure service onto customers’ Payment cards. By requiring end-users to enter a password known only to themselves and their issuing GTiPay Mobile banking system during the course of a payment, the likelihood of fraud and customer chargeback is significantly reduced. We also offer merchants an e-commerce payment solution that supports 3D compliant cards.
Any transfer/sending, the Pin Code (Password) is Atomically auto generate by GTiPay system from 3D secure layer.

GTiPay Payment Card have introduced an authentication method for internet payments, which involves validating the presence of the cardholder in a traditional internet card-not-present environment.

Its components include Risk fort and Web fort. Clients benefit from reduced chargebacks from fewer fraudulent transactions. Once incorporated into any e-Commerce card processing system, it has the potential to increase in online transactions and sales through increased consumer confidence.

End-users have adopted this solution, which does not require any software installation, or additional fees and costs, while providing additional security.

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