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Merchant Payment Network International’s proactive technology strategy keeps pace with the rapid evolution of payments technology to maintain robust, current and secure platforms. Our scheduled system upgrades enable infrastructure and processes that support high volumes of growth in card portfolios and merchant acquiring traffic while reducing merchant settlement periods.

Continuous investments earmarked for operational enhancements and in-house system development capabilities, with a focus on customer-centric card management solutions and products, are at the core of Network’s IT strategy. Regular training ensures a strong and controlled environment for customer operations.

The roadmap includes aligning business with technology that is regionally relevant, secure and in line with international best practice. We are PCI compliant, with SAS 70 as well as ISO 27001 certifications.

MPN International
Merchant Payment Network International, our card management system operated in partnership with Open Way, is adaptable, open platform payments software that services all our electronic payment solutions. It enables process and cost efficiency at banks and merchants with almost real-time posting of transactions and process automation, smooth migration from legacy systems, scalability, and inbuilt mobile and cloud innovation capability.

Built on a universal framework, Merchant Payment Network International is designed for high-speed transaction switching and smart product engineering, providing banks, processors, switching, telecoms and oil majors to innovate, build and manage multiple financial products on a single platform.

The Omni-channel platform creates a single customer profile for relationship management and governance, personalized payments and transfers, advertising, sales, risk management, and usability on ATM, kiosk, web, mobile, smart watch, and via messengers.

Merchant Payment Network International allows development of financial services in the virtual and e-money environment and loyalty program solutions

Key features of, Merchant Payment Network International

  • Rapid data transfer reduces time to market by shortening the development life cycle of new products.
  • Components and business rules can be copied and reused for anything from fleet cards to fuel cards and multi-currency cards.
  • Banks have the ability to run promotional pricing campaigns and offer discounts at selected retailers during specified periods.
  • Closed loop gift cards
  • Account trees facilitate the inclusion of chain stores, multiple brands, branches and sub-branches to improve group-level performance monitoring.
  • An integrated general ledger enables access without reference to the core accounting platform in a country’s local language.
  • End-user friendly technology comes with security features such as the ability to generate SMS alerts for relationship managers and technology teams.
  • Customers can block their card from being used in specific places and at certain times.

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