Smart Solution

GTiPay Smart Solution is Merchant Payment Network international’s proprietary secure dashboard platform, available to MPN’s merchant acquiring clients, which provides up-to-date analysis of the merchant’s card performance data and is accessible anywhere, anytime. It enables a range of key metrics about card acceptance with minimal time and cost than it would normally take to analyze internal data.

The GTiPay Smart Solution provides a range of comprehensive, easy to interpret, interactive dashboard using the complete processed data available. Thus, providing a better understanding of the relative performance of each outlet or terminal, the origin of cards used in store, the average ticket size, declined transactions and much more. Additionally, you can monitor how these metrics have changed over time and identify new areas to improve card acceptance and capture new revenue opportunities.

The dashboards are also interactive, allowing you to filter the data and compare terminals or brand performance over any specific timeframe. GTiPay Smart Solution also converts data into insights, helping you make better informed decisions about your business.

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